About Seinfeld Quote

This site is dedicated to making it easy to find and access your favorite quotes from that legendary TV sitcom about nothing. You can search for random quotes by topic or speaker, or if you don't know what you're looking for, just get a totally random quote altogether. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The site began its life as an IRC bot plugin that would fetch random quotes from Seinfeld episodes based on a search term or phrase. The bot would query its database for any spoken sentence that matched the given subject, and pick a random quote to return to the user, with context. Its quote database is generated using scripts by Collin Pollock.

With the Flask web framework, Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and a bit of polish, the IRC plugin was reborn as SeinfeldQuote.com, and a new era of quotes from a show about nothing was born.

There are many planned features to expand the functionality of the site, including more options for exploring episodes and speakers, getting more context when viewing quotes, and sharing your favorite quotes with your friends who also like shows about nothing.

The source code is open source, and welcomes bug reports, contributers and feature requests. Documentation is extremely sparse at the moment, but should be relatively straightforward for those familiar with Flask and WSGI applications.